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St. Louis Truck Accident Attorney

Benefits of Hiring a Truck Accident Attorney

All auto accidents come with their own specific list of complications and inconveniences even in the simplest of circumstances. However, when an individual is involved in an accident with a semi or has lost a loved one in a truck crash, he may find himself dealing with unexpected complications and confusing legal concerns that most would remain unaware of unless the chance misfortune made the matter unavoidable.

The nuances of truck accident cases and severity of these crashes are what often lead people to seek professional legal advice. Our office employs experienced and highly skilled St. Louis trucking accident attorneys who know exactly how to handle the complexities of these types of legal cases.  We are able to get the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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Filing a Truck Accident Lawsuit

If you or someone you know is dealing with the fallout of a trucking accident, the first step is learning what one may be up against when attempting to file damage or injury claims.  The main difference between semi accidents and other types of auto accidents is the fact that in these situations, the victim is usually up against the trucking company and not the truck driver, regardless of the driver’s level of fault. This means that when an individual is attempting to file a claim, he is facing a large company as well as their legal and insurance teams. This can often seem overwhelming and insurmountable to anyone who has the unfortunate task of dealing with these issues.  St. Louis trucking accident attorneys know Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations inside and out and can maneuver you through the complex process. In any type of accident, there is a wide range of inconveniences that can pop up from damage repairs to major injuries and medical work leave. Let our attorneys handle the legal headaches and get you the full claim you seek.

If you are unsure about needing an attorney or about the compensation you deserve, give us a call. Case reviews are no cost to you and help you to understand your situation and what you should have coming to you after a trucking crash or accident.

Attention to Detail in Trucking Accident Cases is Crucial

When you’ve been in an accident, there are so many details to handle in terms of the property damages, personal injuries or death that it can be difficult to get it all sorted out without seeking legal help. This is where truck accident lawyers are able to step in for you and handle all of the daunting legal concerns. We have the expertise needed to get you the appropriate claim you deserve. Our team will look at the fine details of your case with a close eye and make sure every last base is covered to first find who is at fault and what you are owed before ensuring you receive compensation for all costs resulting from a trucking accident.

The particulars involved in semi accidents can be staggering and a trucking accident attorney can sort through the details and hone in on what facts are needed to get you your full claim. The investigation into your case would include exploring and sometimes re-creating elements of the scene of the crash, contacting medical professionals with the knowledge of relevant injuries or specific cause of death and seeking out all parties at fault by looking at all possible explanations for error, no matter how minute it may seem. A small detail can sometimes mean everything to a specific case and we have this in mind when approaching each new client and their individual circumstances.

Suing a Trucking Company is Complex

Truck companies will begin investigating trucking accidents alongside their insurance companies after a truck crash occurs to attempt to limit the costs they need to pay the victim who very well may have no fault at all in the accident. This is an area with which our St. Louis truck accident attorneys maneuver through with ease so your claim does not get shortened, held-up or denied entirely.

Our attorneys have handled countless success cases when it comes to truck accidents and we are well-versed in all the loop holes and dodges that commercial companies often try to take to lessen their legal costs and repercussions. A trucking accident attorney can ensure that large companies do not undermine individual victims.

The lengths taken by trucking companies while investigating a case are often much more extensive than one might assume. The company’s legal team will examine details including but not at all limited to the damage of the vehicle(s), the location and specifics of the crash scene immediately following the accident, questioning any witnesses who may be available and looking into whether or not the individual driver could possibly be blamed for any aspect of the crash. The trucking company will be sure to gather all evidence to strengthen their case to ultimately save money that should have gone to the victim.

Our St. Louis truck accident attorneys do not want this to happen to you. Our clients may rest assured that our investigation will be equally as thorough.

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Aggressive Truck Accident Attorneys Are Needed

Our truck accident attorneys really leave no stone unturned when it comes to your trucking accident case. When going up against the party at fault, we are always prepared to counter any attempts by the opposing side to evade paying what is rightfully owed. Our attorneys will compile an unyielding case by exploring all necessary avenues creating a detailed report unparalleled by local police accounts as law enforcement will not delve as deeply into the specifics of your case but instead give a surface report of occurrences. There are a number of parties who could possibly be at fault and we want to make sure that our clients are compensated by all persons or companies involved.

Our devotion to detail is apparent in our investigation techniques.  Our St. Louis truck accident attorneys will seek out any possible camera or video footage of the accident. Witnesses at the scene will be interviewed for statements, which we will then strengthen and corroborate with the available police documentation. If there was a death or injury, medical professionals involved will be questioned and medical documentation will be analyzed and possibly used as evidence.  We have experts who can recreate the set of occurrences surrounding your accident so as to ensure examination of all possible details. The trucking company may be solely at fault or your case may be more complex. The driver, truck owner, leasing companies, mechanics or manufacturers can all possibly play roles in your case.  Our attorneys are set on getting you your full claim from ALL parties at fault.

Compensation From a Truck Accident Injury Case

We understand that our clients do not come to our St. Louis truck accident attorneys seeking compensation out of greed but out of necessity.  When you have been injured due to a trucking accident, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance almost never covers the full cost of medical bills. In addition to medical expenses, individuals often have to deal with property damage costs that surpass or are not fully covered by auto insurance policies. These damage costs also include any personal items in the vehicle at the time that may have become broken or destroyed in the event of a truck crash.

Filing a claim against the trucking company at fault allows the victim to receive payment for these additional costs so he doesn’t have to pay out of pocket for damages or injuries sustained entirely out of his control. Our St. Louis trucking accident attorneys are able to get you what is fair and deserved.

After a truck accident, the victim’s lawyer will often negotiate out of court to receive his client’s claim, which can usually result in a relatively quick settlement. However, occasionally further steps need to be taken and a lawsuit is filed to ensure the victim receives all due payment. In the event of the death of a loved one, individuals may have the right to file a wrongful death suit. Our attorneys will take the route that secures the best final outcome for your specific situation.

We’re Prepared To Go To Trial If Needed

Part of a St. Louis truck accident attorney’s job is to know when to settle your case and when to formally file a lawsuit. Personal injuries sustained as a result of a trucking accident can be extensive. Injuries can range from small lacerations to disfigurement and even death. Injuries to the victim or death of a loved one often require lawsuits that can cover both economic and non-economic costs as well as assuring justice and disciplinary action, if applicable. We can recover compensation for our clients for a number of different reasons including the covering of current and future medical expenses, money lost due to an inability to work during and/or after rehabilitation, mental and physical pain, and spousal death.

When one has been involved in a semi accident and a lawsuit is required to receive full compensation, there are a few different categories that your circumstances may fall under. These categories include negligence by the truck driver, trucking company or truck manufacturer; product liability and wrongful death. These categories often overlap and are not mutually exclusive. As mentioned above, when our St. Louis trucking accident attorneys examine your case to compile all relevant evidence, they do so down to every last detail. These details are crucial in trucking accident injury lawsuits since each category contains its own requirements to prove in favor of the victim.

Proving Negligence in a Truck Accident Case

To prove negligence as the cause of injury or death resulting from a truck crash, one must show that the truck driver has failed to succeed in his duty of care to others by means of some action or inaction and this failure was the cause of the accident. In cases of product liability concerns, your St. Louis trucking accident attorney will need to prove that the truck is defective in some aspect as well being deemed “unreasonably dangerous.” Also, in these types of cases, it sometimes needs to be determined if the truck driver was operating the truck as intended along with expected performance of the semi intact.

Negligence is usually a factor that must be examined when a product’s performance or condition is questioned and further steps must be taken to see what party or parties are at fault. Wrongful death suits are a category of their own but the same steps must be taken in proving negligence or other liabilities and our attorneys can help you sort through all of this to get you the best possible outcome.

If you have been involved in a trucking accident directly or as a result of a loved one’s death, please call Drivers Defense Counsel today. We can answer initial questions at no charge to you and show you what options may be available in this frustrating situation. We can help to simplify your legal situation and help to get you the full compensation you deserve.

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