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St. Louis Premises Liability Attorney

St. Louis Premises Liability Attorney

Every property owner has a duty to make sure that their property is in good condition so that accidents don’t befall those who are visiting the property.  For example, if you visit a restaurant they have an explicit duty to make sure the floors are free of spilled food or drink.  Your local grocery store has a duty to keep their floors free of ice and spills, and keep their sidewalks and parking lots ice free and the surfaces even so shoppers don’t slip, fall, or trip causing injury.  If someone DOES fall, they may be entitled to receive compensation but they should immediately seek a reputable St. Louis premises liability attorney.

There are many people each day who are injured in Missouri because of the property owner’s failure to make sure that their property is as safe as possible.  If you were injured in a slip and fall accident there is a good chance that you will be able to file a premises liability lawsuit.

You don’t have to simply suffer through injuries caused by the negligence of a property owner alone.  Contact a St. Louis premises liability attorney immediately so you can discuss your case with them.

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What Is Premises Liability?

Premises liability governs the standard of care a property owner must possess in order to keep people safe while they are on their property. The property owner has a duty to make sure their property is free of dangerous conditions. When a property owner fails to properly warn people about dangerous conditions, or they simply know about a hazard and they fail to fix the problem, this shows that the property owner has failed in their duty of keeping people safe while they are on their property.

Your premises liability attorney will take a look at your case and look for the following elements:

  • Was the property owner in possession of the property that the injury occurred on?
  • Were you an invitee or a licensee on the property?
  • Was the property owner negligent, or did the property owner commit a wrongful act?
  • Did the negligence or wrongful acts of the property owner cause injury?

Your slip and fall lawyer will have to look at the above elements to prove that your accident was caused by dangerous conditions that existed on the property and that the property owner knew about the dangerous conditions and did nothing to remedy the problem.  The dangerous condition must cause an unreasonable risk of harm to anyone who was on the property and the condition must be one that a reasonable person wouldn’t anticipate.

In order to hold a property owner liable, your premises liability lawyer must show that the property owner’s negligence was an issue.  For example, an elderly woman is visiting a restaurant and must use the restroom.  She is directed to the restroom which is down a dark flight of stairs.  The elderly woman misses a step and falls down the stairs causing injuries that would later contribute to further health complications.  The property owner failed in their duty to place adequate lighting in the stairwell that led to their restrooms.  Also, they failed to properly warn the woman that the restroom was down a flight of stairs and that they were hard to get to.

It was extremely important that the woman contacted a premises lawyer immediately so her account could be documented.  Also, since the fall resulted in major complications to the woman’s health, her attorney was able to gather evidence regarding the conditions of the restaurant and document her ongoing injuries through the use of photographs, medical records, and witness statements.  This evidence is crucial when filing a premises liability lawsuit. Finally, she may also have a case against the owners of the property because they violated building codes.

As you can tell, premises liability is a complex legal topic that requires the expertise of a trained professional.  At Drivers Defense Counsel we have attorneys on staff waiting to speak with you about your case.

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Were You A Licensee Or An Invitee?

The level of care a property owner owes a visitor to their property can depend on whether you were an invitee or a licensee while on their property.  An invitee is someone who is invited to the property for business purposes.  A licensee is a person who is invited to the property for social purposes.  The law in Missouri states that if you were a licensee or an invitee then you are owed a duty of reasonable care while you were visiting the property.  Reasonable care is defined as a degree of concern that a reasonable, rational, prudent person would use with regard to any situation. This rule will help your slip and fall attorney determine whether or not the property owner was practicing a reasonable amount of care regarding visitors to the property. If the property owner was acting in a way that placed visitors in danger then you have grounds for a slip and fall lawsuit.


What If I Am Injured in a Public Area?

The law in Missouri states that if you are injured on a public sidewalk, in a public building, or on a roadway, it is possible to bring a premises liability lawsuit against the state or local government who takes care of the property. Under these circumstances it is extremely important to contact a St. Louis slip and fall attorney immediately.  There is a set statute of limitations, or specific amount of time, in which a lawsuit can be brought against a municipality or local government entity. In many cases, you must notify the municipality of your injuries within 90 days.


Don’t Navigate The Premises Liability Legal System Alone

The legal system can be complicated and confusing.  If you were the victim of a slip and fall accident contact a St. Louis premises liability attorney to discuss your case in depth.  Consultations are free and they will be able to help you determine whether or not you have a valid lawsuit, or they will file your lawsuit for you. Most slip and fall attorneys don’t require any money up front.

They will work to make sure that there is a positive outcome to your case and they work on a contingency fee basis only.  You don’t have to endure excess medical bills, and suffer with unwanted pain and continuing health issues because of someone’s negligence.

We’re here to help you.  Whether you decide to work with us or navigate your premises liability case on your own, we’d love to speak with you and give you some free guidance.

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