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Why Hire a DWI Lawyer

There are many things that you may or may not realize about DUI and DWI charges. These are serious crimes that can have serious and long lasting consequences. Many people think that you have to be falling down drunk to be charged with a DUI or DWI offense but that is simply not the case. Studies have shown that most people lose their ability to drive their motor vehicles competently when their blood alcohol level reaches .08%; that is why this has been chosen as the legal limit for alcohol in the blood in most states. That is a figure that can be attained by having two drinks or less by most people; most people may not even appear to be intoxicated if barely over this legal limit. The law does not care about appearances; it only looks at the facts in the matter.

The penalties that result from a DUI or DWI conviction can vary greatly between states. Missouri is a state that is known to work well with first time offenders to limit the damages to their permanent record but there is no guarantee that will happen with your individual case. That is why it is best to at least sit down with a competent DUI/DWI attorney and see how they can help you with your case.

There are other factors that make these charges even more serious, such as an accident that caused injuries or even death. The law also tends to be much harsher and subject to less interpretation if you are found to be a repeat DUI or DWI offender.

Of course the decision to hire a lawyer or not to represent you on your case is one that only you can make. Here is what a skilled DUI/DWI attorney can help you with in your case:

A.      What you type of service you can expect from a DUI/DWI lawyer

A lawyer will take a detailed look at your individual case and decide how to litigate your case so that any consequences from it minimize the impact on your life and your ability to earn a living. Many times, a first DWI offender can have their charges reduced to such things as a fine and/or probation that are stricken from their record upon successfully completing the terms of their probation.

B.      Your attorney will prepare you about what to expect with your legal proceedings

One of the most stressful things with being convicted of a DUI or DWI offense is the uncertainty that surrounds it. Your lawyer will calm you and assure you during the whole process by keeping you informed of what you can reasonably expect to happen during each phase of the legal proceedings.


C.      A lawyer will guide the complicated process along for you

When you are facing serious drinking and driving charges you don’t need the additional stress of trying to handle a complicated legal matter yourself. An experienced DUI/DWI lawyer will know how to prepare in advance for each step of the legal process.

So do yourself a big favor and at least sit down with a skilled DUI/DWI attorney and see how they can help you resolve your case.