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Criminal Defense for DWI

Criminal Defense in General

There are few things in life more frightening for the average person than being charged with a crime. It’s a scary thought for anyone when their everyday life, security and future may be put in jeopardy if convicted. Even though it is hard to remain calm at a time like this, it is important to try your best to do it so you can think clearly. It is also prudent to say as little as possible under these circumstances until you have contacted your attorney and have them present with you.

Fortunately if you are charged in the State of Missouri, like the other states too, you are considered not guilty until you have been tried and convicted in a court of law. You also have other protections and rights under the law too; that is why it is best to have an attorney present with you during any questioning, that way they can advise you as to when answering a certain question might infringe upon your rights under the law. If you do not already have a family lawyer to represent you, then you may want to seriously consider having a consultation with a lawyer that specializes in the type of crime that you are being charged with.

When you look for an attorney to hire for a specific defense, you want to make sure you ask them about specific things such as:

  • How many cases they have successfully tried in that area of law in Missouri
  • How long have they been associated in defending clients in that area of law, both as a lead and assistant on the cases
  • How they plan to proceed with your defense and what you can reasonably expect depending on the various outcomes of the case
  • Their level of confidence that they can help you resolve the case in a way that minimizes the damages to yourself and your future

DWI Specific Criminal Defense

It is no secret that a drunken driving conviction in Missouri can be a very serious offense. It will probably not only disrupt your life, taint your future and lighten your pocketbook; but there is a very real possibility you will end up in jail for some period of time depending on the specific circumstances of your arrest. These are the reasons that criminal defense in a DWI case is very complicated and should really be left to an experienced DWI attorney.

A skilled DWI attorney will know exactly how to plan your defense and give you the best chance of having the charges against you reduced or dropped altogether. They will be familiar with such things as the purely subjective nature of field sobriety tests, the percentage of errors that occur during breathalyzer tests and even potential flaws in urine or other blood tests where estimating alcohol content in your body is concerned.  They are also familiar with verifying that the arresting officer indeed had reasonable suspicion before pulling you over and then probable cause to make the arrest.

These are all things that you do not want to leave in the hands of a lawyer that practices DWI cases on a part time basis or has only litigated a handful of them. The serious nature of DWI charges definitely requires the help of a DWI attorney that is considered a specialist in that field.